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This program was written to scratch a long-standing itch of mine, namely that I couldn't find a decent simple calculator for Linux. I've tried a few, and all had aspects I didn't want to live with. (Some require the use of a mouse to access certain functions, some don't allow the easy re-use of the result of the last calculation you did, some don't have undo/redo functionality, etc.) So in the end I wrote this.

It's a console-based, very light-weight calculator using the reverse polish notation for its input, providing a history of the calculations leading up to the latest result, with infinite undo/redo stack, and with edit history.

It's far from perfect and in fact I don't think it's very likely to be liked... But it sucks less than any other simple calculator program out there, including even 'bc -l'. ;-)

The source code of the latest version (0.5.3) is available here [tar.gz][tar.bz2]